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Ahhh yes, the great Aussie sense of humour is alive and well. There is s Curly Dick Road near me and Parsons Street always makes me think of chicken bums (parsons nose). Then there’s Bastard Point Road also near Bathurst NSW. What weird street names have you come across? Click on the link below for more information from ABC Central West (the above pic is from there too) AUSSIE STREET NAMES

So what is a drop bear anyway? It’s a ferocious koala type marsupial known for attacking unsuspecting foreigners, some of whom are never seen again. Some people believe it’s an urban legend…others are not so sure…





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Origin: English/Latin/Old English
Meaning: Self explanatory.

The Cabinet Maker’s Arms is a beautiful old building built 1861 in Bathurst NSW Australia. 

Many old buildings with previous occupations or histories have been renovated to become much loved homes. It’s so great when I come across buildings whose previous life has been honoured with a house name sign to reflect its past.

Buildings with a past life are often named to reflect their history, for example: The Old School House, The Old Priory, The Old Chapel, The Old Bakery, The Old Blacksmith’s, The Old Mill and The Old Post Office. This house name method is often found in older and more established towns, especially those in England and Ireland

The use of the word ‘arms’ is something that is more popular in Britain. It is Latin/Old French for armour or weapons, (maybe the cabinet maker was diversifying his trade?), but generally it means to provide equipment. 

Do you have an occupational house name you’d like to share? If so, I’d love to hear from you. 

All photos by L. Howarth ©2017



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(Click on the link in blue link for an article by The Daily Telegraph).

Articles on weird place names tend to do the rounds almost yearly. There are some great place names in the UK, especially. For example: Bitchfield, Boggy Bottom, Penistone, Titty Hill and believe me, the list goes on! 

I’ve just completed a section on this very subject in my nearly finished book, Name your House or Property. I’ve looked into rude-ish names from all over the world. This section of my book is titled, What NOT to Name your House

I didn’t really have to look far for odd names, as there are some places near where I live, that have highly unusual names such as : Curly Dick Road, Bastard Point Road and one I discovered recently whilst checking out some local real estate, Mount Horrible! (I don’t envy the real estate agent selling that!) Oh well, could be worse, I could live near Poo (a place in India), Bum (Sierra Leone), Mianus (USA), Rooty Hill in NSW Australia (‘root’ being a slang term for sex) and then of course there is F*%king in Austria… I think these people need my book. Back to the editing…


Popular Australian Boy Names 2014


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Popular Australian Boy Names 2014

List source: Births, Deaths and Marriages Australia.

Pic: L. Howarth Copyright 2015

1 Oliver
2 Jack
3 Noah
4 William
5 Lucas
6 Thomas
7 James
8 Ethan
9 Liam
10 Jacob
11 Mason
12 Lachlan
13 Samuel
14 Charlie
15 Joshua
15 Alexander
16 Harrison
17 Logan
18 Cooper
19 Riley
20 Hunter
20 Levi
21 Max
21 Jaxon
22 Henry
23 Isaac
24 Benjamin
25 Harry
26 Hudson
27 Tyler
27 Xavier
27 Nate
28 Daniel
29 Jayden
30 Blake
30 Elijah
31 Oscar
31 Archie
32 Dylan
33 Kai
34 Luke
34 Aiden
35 Finn
35 Ryan
35 Michael
35 Matthew
36 Sebastian
37 Leo
38 George
38 Jackson
39 Lincoln
39 Eli
40 Flynn
41 Archer
41 Mitchell
42 Chase
43 Jordan
43 Caleb
43 Jake
44 Zachary
45 Luca
46 Patrick
47 Connor
48 Jai
49 Austin
50 Hayden

Popular Australian Girl Baby Names for 2014


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List sourced from Births Deaths and Marriages Australia.

Pic: L. Howarth Copyright 2015

1 Emily
2 Ava
3 Charlotte
4 Olivia
5 Amelia
5 Mia
6 Ella
7 Isla
8 Sophie
9 Chloe
10 Grace
11 Isabella
12 Ruby
13 Zoe
14 Lucy
14 Lily
15 Harper
16 Sophia
17 Sienna
18 Zara
18 Hannah
19 Ivy
19 Scarlett
19 Emma
19 Evie
20 Georgia
21 Matilda
22 Layla
22 Eva
23 Imogen
24 Willow
25 Abigail
26 Alexis
27 Evelyn
27 Summer
28 Jasmine
29 Isabelle
30 Madison
30 Mila
31 Lilly
31 Savannah
32 Paige
33 Maddison
33 Jessica
34 Holly
35 Aria
36 Violet
37 Sofia
38 Alyssa
39 Indiana
39 Sarah
39 Stella
40 Poppy
40 Annabelle
40 Ellie
41 Mackenzie
42 Elizabeth
42 Alice
42 Phoebe
43 Audrey
43 Addison
44 Anna
45 Maya
45 Charlie
46 Elsie
46 Hayley
47 Lola
48 Rose
48 Bella
49 Amber
49 Indi
50 Amelie
50 Peyton

Links to 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century by Lori Cooper via online bookshops

Please see below for just a few links to book sellers who stock my book. Remember you can also order it in from your local book store. All the information you need is here:

Title: 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century

Author: Lori Cooper  ISBN: 9780733624315  Publisher: Hachette Australia





Lori Cooper -Contact Information

Contact information:

For all enquiries please contact Lori:

Lori’s blog: or


Publisher book information for 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century :

Lori’s Agent:  Sophie Hamley Cameron Creswell Management  phone: 0293197199

Author Bio – Lori Cooper

ImageThere’s more to Lori Cooper than meets the eye…Onomastician (collector of names), house name enthusiast, music tragicex-prison guard, blogger, amateur photographer, lyricist and mum of twins… All this and she says she can’t cook a cake to save her life!

 Lori Cooper is the author of:

 75,000+ Baby Names (Hachette) and  10,000 House names (Lothian).

 Her current projects include:

Name your house or property: A creative reworking of 10,000 House Names (published by Lothian 2006-now out of print but selling for an extraordinary $749 on It is written for people looking for a property name or house name. ‘It’s very informative, there is only one other house name book that I am aware of and just  lists names. My book delves more deeply for the reader, giving meanings of the names too and in some cases, even histories or famous places with that name.

105,000+ Baby Names: Also a reworking of 75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century. It has information on names, celebrity baby names and more  multicultural baby names than ever!  It also has the greatest array of unique spellings for names without excluding the very loved traditional baby names.

Beautiful Baby Names: When only the best baby name will do! A book for the more traditional baby name lovers. It features names like James, Annabelle, Olivia, Isabella, Thomas and Jack. Why do this? Baby name lists around the world reflect the popularity of the traditional baby name. ‘For many year now, names such as Jack and Isabella have been at the top of baby name lists from all over the world.’ Says Lori.

Oh Mum, you are soooooo Embarrassing!  This is Lori’s first attempt at writing a children’s book. ‘It’s about a mum with twins who does silly things like fall asleep in the spaghetti or she falls asleep while doing the washing up. Why is she sooooo embarrassing to her twins? Find out why at the end of the book.’

Everything Else is Just Noise: This is Lori’s first attempt at novel writing. The novel is about the music industry and a rock band trying to make it. ‘I haven’t strayed from the standard formula of sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll…if I did, there’d be no point to writing a book on the music industry! This book is somewhere for my music obsessions to manifest. It’s going to be dripping with sex, drama and music. It’s nothing serious, not a work of literature, it’s just some fun.’

Lori is a fan of Bruce Springsteen, Cold Chisel, Neil Finn and the Foo Fighters to name but a few. She also dabbles in lyric writing. ‘At the moment, I am writing songs for the fictional band in my novel. I am probably the only person on the planet to ever say that sentence!” She laughs. ‘I like amazing songwriters, I can’t think of a better way of spending 4 minutes of my life! I love music!’



So what is the fascination with names? ‘I first became interested in names in my teens while perusing through a baby name book. When I looked up my name it said ‘Lori, see Laura’. I thought it pretty rude that the author didn’t either bother to write a meaning, even if it was the same as Laura (or so she thought). It got me thinking about all the other baby names in the world that never even rated a mention. With all the unusual and multicultural names in the world, I saw a niche market for this book. Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and America are becoming increasingly multicultural so I thought it would be a good selling point for my baby name book to set it apart from all the others on the shelves.’

Baby names and babies

Being a mum of twins, how did Lori find her baby names? ‘I think we all have baby names we collect over our lifetimes, names we love, I am no exception. We threw some names about to family and friends and found they were shot down pretty quickly. A lot of the names we liked, family and friends didn’t. The usual excuse was something along the lines of ‘I know an X and she’s a bitch’ or’ I went to school with an X and I heard he’s in prison now’. Another name I loved, my friends stole.  A lot of name stealing goes on. I advise people to keep their precious names to themselves. ‘

‘There was a lot of pressure to pick good baby names. Our list included: Boys: Sonny, Thomas, Jack, Harrison and Jesse. Girls: Sophie, Olivia, Arabella, Brielle and Isabella. In the end, Sonny was named after his grandfather or so his dad believes, don’t tell my husband I named Sonny after  Don Johnson’s character Sonny Crochet from the 1980-1990’sTV show Miami Vice! Sophie is a name everyone loves it is feminine and sophisticated, that’s why it is so popular on the baby name popularity charts.’

Some background

So what did Lori Cooper do before she became obsessed with names and music and became a mother of twins?

Lori was a prison guard in a men’s medium security prison and a detention officer in the notorious Woomera Detention Centre (S.A.) and Curtin Detention Centre (W.A.). ‘No one walked away from that place unscathed…no detainees or workers.’ Lori describes her time in the Australian desert as ‘horrendous, soul destroying and something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I’ve seen the worst of people and the best of people whilst working in that hell hole. It has left scars on everyone who worked there.’ Lori is also forthright about suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from working there. ‘It took many years to put the pieces back together and go back to living a near-normal life. I am very lucky, many of my colleagues still suffer from PTSS a decade on.’ She says. ‘I am also lucky to be able to write, it’s a much safer profession.’

Lori lives between Bathurst and the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia. Her heritage is Australian/Native American that she describes as ‘a rare bloodline’. She is married to Jason and they have twins, Sonny and Sophie.

What’s next for Lori?

‘My children have just started school so that has freed up some time to get stuck into writing my first novel. I have also just discovered Twitter (LoriHowarth1) and have established my own blog  and I will continue to work on these projects for now.’


And why is she such a bad cake baker? ‘Ask me to cook anything savoury and I am fine, even good at it. Ask me to cook a cake and it is ALWAYS a disaster. They either collapse, are under cooked or burnt, too moist or too dry and the cupcakes always spill out over the edge of the patty cake papers. Don’t ever give me food colouring either!  Cakes turn out looking so fluorescent you’d be too scared to eat it.’ She laughs. ‘And these are packet pre-mixes and I still manage to stuff them up! My poor, ‘deprived of decent cake’ children! Thank God for the bakeries or their birthdays would be traumatic!’


75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century

75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century

This is the LARGEST collection of baby names available in Australia (and possibly the world!). Modern, traditional and global names are represented to give new parents a culturally diverse and imaginative range of baby names. Each name has an easy-to-understand meaning and includes the widest array of spelling variations.

Names have been taken from 220 different languages, from continents Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia to island nations Western Samoa, Fiji to create a totally comprehensive selection. As well as modern creative names, the ancient languages are all well represented including some exotic choices from Assyrian to Gothic or Phoenician!

75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st century includes:
the top 20 Australian names for boys and girls
unisex names
biblical and angel names
mythological names
colour names
name predictions for boys and girls